OKC Web Design was founded by Sheila Harding. Sheila Harding was a child actress most known for playing "Baby Ed" on The Roseanne Show as well as one of the Michelin Tire Babies. As an adult, Sheila was a dancer, performer, director and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. With each business or project, came a website. After learning how easy it is to hire the wrong people to build something so meaningful, Sheila decided to take matters into her own hands. She began learning from one of Hollywood's best designers and created a dance technology company called "Dance Hacks". Website ventures took Sheila beyond the entertainment industry and she soon began working for a marketing firm in Northern California as a content creator and SEO expert. After relocating to the Oklahoma City area, Sheila wanted to create a web design agency that could provide affordable websites to Oklahoma businesses. She knew that it was just as important to provide a seamless and user friendly experience for those clients.  Businesses need someone who can dive into their operation and wrap their whole mind around it. Though this thinking, OKC Web Design was then born!