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Considering a website for your OKC business? let's talk!

We want to start things off right by getting to know you and your website needs. Tell us about your brand and your ideas!  Lets get excited together as we brainstorm the perfect website for you!  



Step 1.

Designed for smooth sailing

Paper Boat

After the initial consultation you will receive a proposal that includes a quote for your Website. We charge a 50% deposit to begin. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of your site. Curious about our rates? We promise not to overcharge. Get a ballpark estimate Here



Step 2,

Get a Quote

Mapping it out

The best part about being local is that we can come to you! One of our creative designers are able to meet you in person (or virtually), to draw up your new website! This process can be as simple or creative as you would like. There is no need for you to be a tech whiz. We're here to map out your vision and then bring it to reality!



Step 3,

Working our magic

Now the fun begins! Most clients are surprised at how quickly we are able to build their dream website. We will, however, do our due diligence to ensure that your site strengthens the integrity of your brand and functions efficiently for your business. in this time we will be collecting materials from you such as: images, logos, descriptive information, and social media links. We will let you know as early as your initial consultation to start gathering these items.


As for all the paragraph text on your website,  our experienced copywriters can handle it! All we need is the basic info to get started!


Once the site is nearing completion, we will have a special way of providing you access beyond your carefully branded "Coming Soon" landing page. It's super easy! This is so that you can provide us with any revisions you may have before we unveil your site. It truly is our goal to make sure that you are happy with your website. Therefore, we welcome all revisions with gratitude!


Step 4,

Your site is LIVE!

Once the work is complete, we will invoice you for the remaining balance and unlock your site! We are able to train you or an admin on how to operate the back end of your website and we promise to make sure you feel comfortable before we set you free. Your new website can be easily managed through a super user-friendly program! If you know enough to post on social media, than you can most definitely handle this!

If you have chosen a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) add on, then at this time, our SEO experts will begin to optimize your site. That way you can start to out-rank your competitors in search engines! Normally it takes about 2 weeks before you will notice an enhancement in your rankings.  


Don't worry, our clients come at all levels when it comes to their tech savviness. That's why we make running the back end of your website EASY! Our designers are patient and available at your service daily for the hand off phase of launching your site!


Need some upgrades or tech support down the road? Give us a call and we can jump right in!

Don't want to handle the upkeep and operation of your site? We can provide you with an upkeep administrator!



Step 5.