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Discover the power of UI/UX with our latest OKC Web Designs, featuring captivating visuals and intuitive interface.

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We believe in the power of accurate, independently collected data and market-based incentives in building our clean energy future. We maximize the value of our clients' ESG efforts, and serve as a trusted source of reliable, traceable data for ESG investors.

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We are a collection of XR enthusiasts comprised of students, alumni, and professors affiliated with the University of Advancing Technology

Meetings are on Tuesday evening, 6:30 pm PT // 8:30 pm CT // 9:30 pm ET on Discord and VR Chat!  

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JKearney Consulting Services offers consultations and in-depth security analysis of threats, risks and vulnerabilities. We specialize in tactical planning and implementation of distinctive solutions for each of our protected clients.


Transform your ideas into mesmerizing visuals with Michael Day's 3D Animation Services. With expertise in Blender and a keen eye for detail, Michael crafts lifelike animations that make your vision a reality.

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At BioCentric we solve problems, not just symptoms. Our eco-friendly products are effective, ecological and economical allowing you to change the chemicals you use for deep cleaning, sterilizing and disinfecting. Help us become the solution.

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Craft Culture was inspired by beer and all its varying flavors. Our food selection is made to dance in your palate, as you sip down the best brews in the world. 

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The vibrant 39th Street District, located in NW Oklahoma City, extends from the western stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue to Youngs Boulevard. With roots tracing back to the 1920s as a prominent segment of the historic Route 66, 39th Street evolved into a popular tourist destination. In the 1970s, it acquired the moniker "The Strip," a title that still resonates today.

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Experience ultimate performance with our cutting-edge sports apparel. Tailored for champions, our collection offers unparalleled comfort, durability, and style. 

Helping Hands

Beulah Mission Center Foundation was founded in 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya, as a response to challenges and crises women were facing. Prior to inception, our founder, Faith Wambugu, was raising her two children in Nairobi in the absence of her husband who was furthering his studies in the United States. 

Gym Tools

The Lab Fitness Club

The Lab 30 Day Challenge brings you the full-blown Lab Experience! For 30 days, we are challenging you to lock in on your fitness journey, build better habits & expand your mind. With this challenge we give you everything you need to be successful on your journey. 

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